Celebrating Success: Completion of the Simplicity Air - Futures Program's Inaugural Term  

September 1, 2023

Simplicity Air Ltd. is proudly marking the conclusion of the inaugural term of the Simplicity Air - Futures Program. The 2023 term of the program saw candidate Sam Walters chosen for his potential for development in the trades. Sam's role as a "Technician's Helper" within the program has showcased his path to success while underscoring Simplicity Air's commitment to fostering skills development within the service trades. 

Sam Walters receiving his Certificate of Completion from the Simplicity Air - Futures Program.
Presenting this recognition is Bobbi Ann Brady, MPP for Haldimand/Norfolk, and President of Simplicity Air Ltd., Brian Bassindale.

Supporting Trades Development: The Simplicity Air - Futures Program was launched with a simple purpose: to provide high school graduates considering trades school or apprenticeships a unique platform to acquire hands-on expertise in Mobile Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning Service, and Idle Management systems maintenance and service. As a Futures Program candidate, Sam’s skills development was contributed by his work alongside the highly skilled team of Service Technicians at Simplicity Air. This collaborative approach enabled him to draw from their decades of experience while receiving practical exposure to a variety of unique service-related responsibilities. Central to the program's design is a focus on skills development, ensuring candidate growth is tracked and showcased within the program. 

Sam's involvement in the Simplicity Air - Futures Program will create a basis for his enrollment in the Mechanical Techniques - Industrial Millwright Program at Conestoga College this fall. This fusion of skills development and practical exposure aims to give Sam a solid foundation for a successful trades career. 

Beyond Experience: The Simplicity Air - Futures Program's impact transcends experiential learning, extending tangible benefits to its participants. Candidates receive competitive wages for their program hours, a testament to their dedication and diligence. These hours can also may count toward apprenticeship hours across various trades disciplines, from Agricultural Equipment Technician to Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician. Notably, candidates who excel within the program are eligible for a tool bursary of up to $1500.00, providing vital support as they venture into future skilled trades apprenticeships or education.

Shaping Skills Development and Trades Employment: Founder and President of Simplicity Air Ltd., Brian Bassindale, emphasizes the Futures Program's pivotal role in shaping trades education and employment. "The Futures Program offers individuals a chance to cultivate real-world skills and the values sought by employers, a privilege many young individuals might not encounter otherwise," noted Bassindale. 

Sam Walters' selection as the inaugural candidate for the Simplicity Air - Futures Program is a testament to his dedication and vision for personal and professional development. As Sam charts his course towards becoming a skilled trades professional, Simplicity Air takes pride in having played a role in shaping his skills development journey. 

To learn more about the next term of the Simplicity Air - Futures Program, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you want to apply for the Futures Program 2024 term, visit our website's application page at www.simplicityair.com/futures for more information. 

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