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No problem too big.
No customer too small.

With a mission to understand, innovate, and always overdeliver, solving complex vehicle problems is the lifeblood of our corporate DNA. We’re proud to create and provide revolutionary products, expert service, and unmatched customer support to everyone from North America’s most renowned fleets, to local owner operators.
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Service Department

When it comes to the well-being and longevity of your vehicles and equipment, our service department is the most robust, flexible, and reliable collection of experienced climate control technicians.
22+ Years of excellence

We're mobile climate control Experts,  innovators and solution providers.

Founded in 1989, Simplicity Air Ltd. has become an industry-leader in innovation, quality service, and the go-to solutions-provider for commercial fleets, municipalities, farmers, and private entities. With the firm belief and commitment that no customer is too small or too large, and every problem has a viable solution, Simplicity Air Ltd.'s 22+ years of success is largely attributed to our ability to provide a one-stop shop of simple solutions to complex vehicle and equipment problems.
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