Since 1998, we're proud to offer exceptional quality repairs, upfitting, manufacturing, and mobile servicing.


  • Cab heating
  • Fuel Heating
  • Engine Heating
  • Hydraulic Tank Heating
  • Battery Heating
  • Cargo Heating
  • Fuel Fired Heater Repair – All Makes
  • Fuel Fired Heater Installation
  • Stand By Heating Solutions
  • Custom Heating Solution Design

Air Conditioning

  • Mobile A/C System Repair
  • Custom A/C System design
  • HVAC Unit manufacturing
  • Hose Assembly manufacturing
  • Cab Pressurization
  • A/C System Installation

Auxiliary Power

  • Inverter Installation
  • Shore Power and charger installation
  • Auxiliary battery installation
  • Electrical system design
  • Solar energy installation
  • Auxiliary Power Unit (Patriot APU) Installation and service

Vehicle Upfitting

  • Auxiliary battery installation
  • Van Bulkhead Installation
  • Van Insulation installation
  • Cargo area heating
  • Cargo Area air conditioning
  • Electrical system installation – lights and accessories

System Design

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Harness Design
  • Prototyping
  • System Testing
  • CAN Bus system integration
  • Software Design


  • HVAC unit assembly
  • Hose assembly
  • System Kitting
  • Shrink Wrap Packaging
  • Software Installations
  • Production Quality Testing and Inspection

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Vehicle & Equipment Service

Quality service with coverage your operation can always count on
Since 1998, we've proudly provided mobile HVAC repair services areas spanning from Windsor to Ottawa and Niagara to Parry Sound.
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Preventative Maintenance Program

Can't handle the heat? Caught in the cold? Enroll in our Preventative Maintenance Program

Reduce expensive downtime by planning scheduled maintenance instead of costly breakdowns in high temperatures. Simplicity Air’s exclusive 34-point inspection identifies problems before they happen, and allows you to plan for maintenance when it suits you best. Time is money! Don’t wait until its hot outside – book you fleet check over today!
Heater Maintenance Program
Test Run & Retrieve Fault Codes
Check Battery Connections & Fuses
Check Harness (Power)
Examine Fuel Pump Connections
Check Air Ducting (Air Heater)
Teat Battery Voltage Without Load
Clean Mag Drive (Coolant Pumps)
Check Coolant Line
Examine Clamps (Fuel & Coolant)
Check Stand Pipe & Seal
Check T-Seat Air Heater
Examine Timer Operation
Test Battery Voltage With Load
Remove Clean Glow Plug/Pin
Air Conditioning Maintenance Program
Annual System Maintenance
System Evacuation & Leak Tests
Recycled Refrigerant Recovery
Hose Leak Inspection
Examine Discharge Lines
Check Working Voltage & Current Draw
Inspect Shaft Seals
Confirm Clutch Pulley Alignment
Inspect Pulleys & Compressor Belts
Check Belt Tenson
Examine & Clean Condenser
Inspect Expansion Valves & Evaporator
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Custom Projects

Original Equipment Manufacturing

Have a unique need for a specialty product? Our team of enthusiastic engineers thrive off of providing simple solutions to complex customer problems, needs, and functional requirements. Ready to solve a unique problem?


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