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At Simplicity Air, we are problem solvers by nature; taking complex vehicle problems and solving them with simple solutions is what we are known for. We aim to create products with ease of serviceability, low component count, and common components to not only keep the product cost down but repairs and maintenance costs down as well. Something as simple as reducing the number of tools a technician will need in the field by using similar type fasteners is something we do with every project. We ask the right questions to understand the customers' goals and create the overall solution for the long term.

Sustainability With Simplicity Air

At Simplicity Air we know the importance of sustainability, and that’s why taking the time that is needed to help customers design sustainable, engineered solutions is crucial. We select packaging and kit components together to reduce the overall environmental impacts throughout our own and our customers' part of the assembly and installation. We also reduce waste in landfills by using packaging that is 100% recyclable.

We help design systems that have the lowest environmental impact possible by choosing quality components and applying the knowledge we have, to provide forethought into potential areas of concern. Even some of the products we design are developed to reduce environmental impacts such as from idling vehicles. Simplicity Air has electric options to subsidize engine-driven systems and has experience in the electrification of vehicles. Thinking about the environmental impact is one of the values we have as a company.  

Simplicity Air has mechanical and electrical engineering teams to design, prototype, and test the systems we manufacture. Our manufactured products include heating and air conditioning units, hose assemblies, and controls of all types. We are accustomed to designing controls using CAN bus communications and designing harnesses of all types of complexity. From small quantity builds to high volume assemblies, our flexible production facility is adaptable and scalable with ease.

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