E-BREEZE Elite - 800V Front Mounted HVAC (89173000)

E-BREEZE Elite - 800V Front Mounted HVAC (89173000)

E-BREEZE Elite - Commercial Electric Vehicle HVAC
Canadian Patent No. 3,194,202
- All-in-one design through hull design
- Dual CAN-based control system
- Brushless Fans and Blower
- Optimized Energy Management
- Easy Removal and Installation
- Full Diagnostics – Plug and Play

Heating Capacity: 12,000 BTUH (5.28 kW)***
Cooling Capacity: 18,000 BTUH (3.52 kW)*
Weight: 120 lbs (54.43 kg)
Air Flow:  602 CFM (17.1 CMM)**
Voltage Range: 576 to 806 VDC

Product Dimensions:
Width: 43.57 in [1106.6 mm]
Height: 14.72 in [373.8 mm]
Depth: 41.57 in [1055.9 mm]

* Simplicity Air Ltd follows the ARI Standard for testing at 95°F outdoor and 80°F indoor conditions with real-world compressor output, unlike all competitive product literature.
** Measured (not theoretical) output with no ducting attached.
*** Up to 4 Additional Heaters are easily added to the system with CAN communication.

Download the 89173000 Product Information PDF
Download the 89173000 Product Sell Sheet PDF

Features & Specifications

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