Proheat X30 Diesel Coolant Heater


Proheat X30 Diesel Coolant Heater

PROHEAT X30 is the most advanced diesel powered heating solution for reliable cold weather starting, fluid heating, and passenger comfort. Featuring onboard O2 feedback, X30 automatically adjusts for the best possible combustion to suit the environment. X30 adapts to nearly any situation, regardless of temperature/climate, altitude, or system requirements. With more than 20 years of field experience, PROHEAT X30 is truly the next generation of smart heater.

Operating Modes

Standard Operating Mode - Coolant temperature is monitored via a built-in sensor. When the temperature at the PROHEAT is below 150°F (65°C) the PROHEAT operates, heating the coolant to 185°F (85°C) at which point, it stops burning fuel and goes into standby with only the coolant pump running.

Preheat Operating Mode - Preheat Mode is usually activated an hour before starting the engine using a momentary contact switch. The PROHEAT then heats the coolant which is circulated throughout the engine block. After 90-minutes of operation, or by starting the engine, PROHEAT will switch itself off.

Supplemental Operating Mode - Supplemental Mode is used to help heat the engine and passenger compartment all year round. This mode is typically automatically enabled any time the engine is running. When heat is not required, the PROHEAT puts itself into supplemental standby, shutting off the coolant pump and avoiding addition run hours on the coolant pump.

Anti-Freeze Operating Mode - Anti-Freeze Heating Mode is designed to minimize battery consumption and keep the coolant system warm or from freezing over a longer period of time. When the heater is in standby, the coolant pump runs every 20-minutes to sample the system coolant to ensure adequate coolant temperature is maintained throughout the system (41°F to 60°F)

Features & Specifications

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