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R-254 & R-255 Auxiliary Heat Exchanger

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Tired and true, the R-254 (single-fan) and R-255 (double-fan) auxiliary heaters are among the most versatile and maintenance-free heaters you’ll find. Their round-tube-and-fin design lets you mount these heaters in any position using the multi-position leg brackets or flush-mount frame, and their compact size, simple plumbing and high output make them ideal for any application. Available as 16,000 BTUs with a single fan or 30,000 BTUs with a double fan.

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Features & Specifications

BTUs (R-254)
16,000 BTU/hr at 150°F; (4.69kw @ 65.6°C) air temp. rise
Air Flow (R-254)
150 CFM (255 m3/h)
Weight (R-254)
7 lbs. (3 kg)
Current Draw (R-254)
3.3 amps @ 13.6 VDC; 1.7 amps @ 27.2 VDC
Models (R-254)
Single Fan: 5⁄8″ fittings, rear exit: R-254-0P (12 VDC); R-254-0-24P (24 VDC). 3⁄4″ fittings, rear exit: R-254-1P (12 VDC). 5⁄8″ fittings, floor exit: R-254-4P (12 VDC)
BTUs (R-255)
30,000 BTU/Hr @ 100°F; (8.79kw @ 37.8°C) air temp. rise
Air Flow (R-255)
280 CFM (476 m3/h)
Weight (R-255)
12 lbs. (5.5 kg)
Current Draw (R-255)
6.6 amps @ 13.6 VDC 3.3 amps @ 27.2 VDC
Models (R-255)
Double Fan: 5⁄8″ fittings, rear exit: R-255-10P (12 VDC), R-254-10-24P (24 VDC). 5⁄8″ fittings, floor exit: R-255-12P (12 VDC)
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