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Airtronic D2

Eberspächer Climate Control System’s Airtronic air heaters operate like forced air furnaces utilizing the vehicle’s own fuel and power supply to produce heat without idling the vehicle. Heaters operate quietly and cycle through four output levels to provide the optimum temperatures at all times.

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Features & Specifications

Heat Output (Boost)
2.2 kW / 7,500 BTU
Heat Output (High)
1.8 kW / 6,500 BTU
Heat Output (Medium)
1.2 kW / 4,100 BTU
Heat Output (Low)
0.85 kW / 2,900 BTU
Fuel Consumption (Diesel 1/2 Boost)
0.28 L/hr. (0.07 gal./hr.)
Fuel Consumption (High)
0.23 L/hr. (0.06 gal./hr.)
Fuel Consumption (Medium)
0.15 L/hr. (0.04 gal./hr.)
Fuel Consumption (Low)
0.10 L/hr. (0.02 gal./hr.)
Electrical Consumption (Boost)
0.28 A
Electrical Consumption (High)
0.18 A
Electrical Consumption (Medium)
0.10 A
Electrical Consumption (Low)
0.67 A
2.7 Kg / 5.9 lbs.
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