As the snow falls and the ice forms, roads start to get increasingly dangerous for drivers. Van and truck drivers need all the preparation they can get to ensure that they can drive safely on the road. One way to keep vehicles safe for the cold outdoors is to enlist in HVAC fleet vehicle services,  which are relied on to provide heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions that can keep your vans and other vehicles safe while in transit. They ensure that your fleet is suited for slippery roads and cold weather too!

Here are some steps you can take to prepare your fleet for the winter season. 

Tire Pressure and Wipers

Just like you would on a normal car before a long trip, checking the tires thoroughly to ensure they are properly inflated with the right pressure is crucial, especially during wintertime. As the air gets colder, the pressure within your tires starts to drop—so keeping them well-inflated is a must. 

Your wipers must also stay lubricated to prevent the chances of snowfall buildup with limited visibility. Investing in new wiper blades and enough wiper fluid will keep your wipers working well enough. 

Vehicle Lights and Regular Maintenance 

Driving in the snow often means driving on dark roads. Check all of your lights to make sure they work, including the taillights and other light markings that your vehicle might have. 

Have a general check done by your fleet maintenance services to ensure that you don’t miss anything. They’ll typically check your lights, the brakes, fluids, including oil changes, transmission, brake, and power steering fluids. If the vehicle runs on diesel, then it will need to have emission fluids checked. 

Newer vans and trucks are often equipped with backup sensors, cameras, or both to help when driving in reverse. These should be well cleared of snow or other debris to provide the necessary visibility for backing up. 

Testing Vehicle Batteries

Reputable HVAC fleet companies follow industry standards, even as the technology in the industry changes and grows. An essential component that is always tested throughout the year is the automobile battery. 

Although summer takes a greater toll on vehicle batteries than the winter does, these can fail once the temperatures drop below zero. It may be easy to neglect your regular battery maintenance checks throughout the past couple of months, but it is imperative to have it examined by fleet vehicle services during the winter. 

Hoses, Cables, and Belts

Today, vehicles typically have one serpentine belt that drives the power steering, alternator, and air conditioning, so getting this checked to make sure that it has no cracks and will last throughout the winter is crucial. Checking the manual is a good place to start to determine your belt’s lifespan and recommended replacement intervals. 

When it comes to engine hoses, look out for brittle textures or too-soft material. Hoses fit for travel should feel firm to prevent it from cracking or failing in such a cold climate. 

It’s also recommended that antifreeze be topped off so that it doesn’t require replacing during the winter. The vehicle’s coolant shouldn’t be mixed with too much water, which typically tends to be the case during the summer to compensate for the engine’s excess heat. 

Early Morning Inspections

Fleet managers need to inspect all vehicles with a general assessment to ensure that every part of every vehicle is adequately “winterized.” In addition to this, drivers should also be doing their own checks before preparing to leave every morning to provide check and balance and minimize risks on the road. 


Safety is the first priority when it comes to driving out on winter roads, especially for heavy-duty vehicles that need an adequate amount of heating. While your team can do the necessary checks as described here, having a company who are experts in the assessment, installation, and maintenance of the right HVAC units for your fleet is your best option. Being sure not to miss anything is the best way to keep your fleet and its drivers safe. 

Here at Simplicity Air, we install and provide services for HVAC units for on and off-road vehicles. Whether it’s heavy-duty vehicle heating, vehicle upfitters, or diesel coolant heaters, we’ve got the right solution for your fleet. Shop for our HVAC parts today!

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