Empowering Future Trades Professionals

Simplicity Air Welcomes Its Inaugural Candidate for Futures Program

Inaugural Futures Program Candidate - Sam Walters

We’re excited to announce that Sam Walters has been selected as the first candidate for our Simplicity Air - Futures Program. Open to high school graduates considering trades school or apprenticeships; the program offers a myriad of benefits and invaluable hands-on experience in Mobile Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning Service, and Idle Management systems. Sam will work alongside experienced Simplicity Air Technicians, gaining insights from their decades of expertise as well as employment-related coaching. The program is designed to set goals for the individual, which are tracked to showcase their development within the program. This opportunity marks the beginning of an incredible journey for Sam, who is on track to start the Mechanical Techniques - Industrial Millwright Program at Conestoga College this fall.

The Simplicity Air - Futures Program not only provides a pathway to explore the world of trades but also offers tangible benefits. Hours worked within the program are paid competitive wages and may count toward apprenticeship hours in various trades disciplines, including Agricultural Equipment Technician, Automotive Service Technician, Powered Lift Truck Technician, Truck and Coach Technician, and Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician. Candidates who successfully complete the program with a record of high performance are also eligible to receive a tool bursary of up to $1500.00, empowering them to invest in tools and equipment that will benefit their future training and education.

Hands-On Work at Grinder Wheel

At Simplicity Air, we believe in celebrating the achievements and milestones of our team members. Sam’s selection as the inaugural candidate for the Futures Program showcases his commitment and dedication to personal and professional growth. Sam’s commitment to his future perfectly aligns with our mission of fostering emerging talent in the trades. We congratulate Sam as he embarks on this exciting career development opportunity.

Simplicity Air is committed to establishing an environment where people can further develop themselves and act out the necessary programs to bring awareness to the shortages in the trades. “The Futures Program provides an opportunity for individuals to learn real-world skills and the ethics that employers are seeking, which many young individuals would not normally have a chance to hear first hand,” says founder and President Brian Bassindale. We invite you to join us in following Sam’s journey throughout the summer months, where we will provide updates on the experiences and developments gained through the Simplicity Air - Futures Program through FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn. Visit the Futures Program page on our website to learn more about the program, and the opportunities it provides: www.simplicityair.com/futures