Eberspächer Multi-Max 2000 Controller


Eberspächer Multi-Max 2000 Controller

Eberspächer’s Multi-Max F2000 offers all the features of and benefits of the Multi-Max F1000 but includes an LCD screen and additional programmable options. This unit improves ease of use and programmability and would best suit vehicle owners and operators looking for increased flexibility on the road. Control the operation of the heater (preheating the engine) either manually or automatically through programmed settings. F2000 offers more control for owners/operators.

Features & Specifications

Heater Model
Stored on the SD card – Maximum of 4 events per day
Diagnostic Feature w/ Fault Code
Displays short description of fault
Programmable LVD
SD Card
Runtime Limiter
SD Card
Preventative Maintenance Scheduler
SD Card
LCD Screen; 1 Tri-Colour LED Indicator; 3 Buttons
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