Walrus 9000C Coolant Heater Kit

Walrus 9000C Coolant Heater Kit

Walrus 9000C is a 9kW/31000BTU microprocessor-controlled compact hydronic heater designed primarily for commercial vehicles to facilitate easy start of diesel engines in cold season and preheat interior of the vehicle. It can also be used in other heating applications where liquid is used as a heat-carrying medium. This unit comes with 7-day programmable controller. Remote control and GSM modules are also available for remote control of the unit.

Features & Specifications

Heat Output
6142 - 31,051 BTU (1.8 - 9.1 kW)
Fuel Type
Diesel & Gasoline
Diesel Fuel Consumption
0.05 - 0.29 gal/hr (0.19 - 1.1 L/hr)
Controller Type
12V & 24V
Electric Power Consumption @12VDC
3.08 Amps (37 Watts) - 7.5 Amps (90 Watts)
Electric Power Consumption @24VDC
1.54 Amps (37 Watts) - 3.75 Amps (90 Watts)
Operating Modes
Automatic Timer / Manual
13.98" x 5.31" x 8.58" (355mm x 135mm x 218mm)
10.58 lbs (4.8 kg)

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