Proheat X45

Proheat X45

Proheat X45 is a powerful, diesel-powered engine pre-heating solution for quick and reliable cold weather starting. An integrated pump circulates heated coolant to warm the engine block, making starting easier and reducing start-up engine wear.

Proheat X45 features an onboard control panel that displays heater status, while an optional digital timer for the cab adds convenient timer-based starting of the heater.

Proheat X45 can also direct heat to the truck cab for driver comfort while reducing fuel costs and emissions from unnecessary engine idling. With more than 15 years in the field, its rugged and field serviceable design has proven reliable in even the most extreme temperatures.

Features & Specifications

45,000 BTU (13 kW)
Operating Voltage Range / Current (12V)
10 - 15 VDC / 7.5 Amps
Operating Voltage Range / Current (24V)
20 - 30 VDC / 3.75 Amps
Fuel Consumption
0.1 - 0.45 gal/hr (0.4 - 1.7 L/hr)
Coolant Flow
8.0 gal/min (30 L/min)
Coolant Temperature at Heater
150 to 185° F (65 to 85° C)
Operating Temperature Range
-40 to 122° F (-40 to 50° C)
Fuel Types
Diesel, Kerosene, Bio fuels
Ignition Type
Electronic Spark Ignition
Heat Exchanger Capacity
1 qt (0.98 L)
40 lb (18 kg)
18.9 x 11.2 x 10.6 inches (480 x 285 x 270 mm)

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