Eberspächer Hydronic M12 Coolant Water Heater


Eberspächer Hydronic M12 Coolant Water Heater

Eberspächer’s Hydronic M-II series is powerful, compact, lightweight, and rugged in design. This makes this series of heaters the ideal solution for providing engine, fuel, and hydraulic preheat for off-highway equipment as well as engine and supplemental cabin heat for motorcoaches, school buses, and boats. The Hydronic M-II series of heaters is available in one size with the option of four power levels and are diesel or bio-diesel compatible. Units can be boxed for protection against the elements and incorporate an automatic altitude compensation component, so you can use your heater anywhere with ease.

Features & Specifications

Heat Output (High)
12 kW / 42,000 BTU
Heat Output (Low)
1.2 kW / 4,100 BTU
Fuel Consumption (High)
1.5 L/hr. (0.4 gal./hr.)
Fuel Consumption (Low)
0.15 L/hr. (0.04 gal./hr.)
Electrical Consumption at 12V (High)
11 Amps
Electrical Consumption at 12V (Low)
2.8 Amps
6.2 Kg / 13.7 lbs.
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