Bison 4000A

Bison 4000A

The Bison series 2000A is a microprocessor-controlled compact fuel furnace designed for no-idle air heating of driver cab, freight compartments, passenger and crew compartments of commercial vehicles and motor homes. It operates independently of vehicle’s engine and built-in OEM heating systems. The heater consists of heat-producing combustion air chamber, process (cabin) air chamber and a heat exchanger that transfers heat to the inside of the vehicle.

Features & Specifications

Heat Output
3,071 - 13,649 BTU's
Fuel Type
Diesel & Gasoline
Diesel Fuel Consumption
0.11 L/hr - 0.51 L/hr
Controller Type
12V & 24V
Electric Power Consumption @12VDC
0.67 Amps (8 Watts) - 2.83 Amps (40 Watts)
Electric Power Consumption @24VDC
0.33 Amps (8 Watts) - 1.42 Amps (40 Watts)
Operating Modes
Setpoint – Adjustable 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C) Constant Heat Output Selection – Adjustable Min. to Max. Air Circulation / Ventilation – No Heat, Fan Only.
14.61" x 5.51" x 5.91"
9.92 lbs (4.5 kg)

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