Red Dot R-273 Auxiliary Heater Exchanger


Red Dot R-273 Auxiliary Heater Exchanger

The R-273 is a compact heater with an optional “snap-in” outlet so you can direct the air to where you need it. Perfect for RV’s and trucks. Available with 14,000 BTUs.

Features & Specifications

Heating – 14,000 BTU/Hr @ 100°F; Air temp. rise (4.1 kW @ 34.8°C)
Air Flow
129 CFM (220 m3/h)
3 lbs. (1.35 kg)
One 12 VDC (3-speed)
Current Draw
4.6 amps @ 13.6 VDC; 2.3 amps @ 27.2 VDC 3.8 amps @ 27.2 VDC
R-273-0P (12 VDC); R-273-0-24P (24 VDC)
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