Universal mobile HVAC Unit 89172200

Universal mobile HVAC Unit 89172200

This universal HVAC unit is flexible enough to suit any application. It comes with a flexible enclosure that can mount in any vehicle. The same blowers and coils are used for each unit, so it is quick and easy to make adjustments to suit the needs of your vehicle. Please contact us to inquire about a customized HVAC solution for your fleet.

Available options:

  • Ceiling Mount Option
  • Outlet Options
  • Floor Mount Option
  • Reversible Coils
  • Available In 12V, 24V Or 48V
  • A/C Only
  • A/C And Heat

Features & Specifications

Air Flow
475 CFM (Airflow on High)
HVAC Unit: 13.7kg. AC Only: 11.6kg
Current Draw
89172230 (12 volt RH A/C Only); 89172240 (12 volt LH HVAC); 89172250 (12 volt RH HVAC); 89172260 (12 volt RH A/C Only); 89172270 (12 volt LH A/C Only 2 Ton); 89172430 (24 Volt RH A/C Only); 89172440 (12 volt LH HVAC); 89172450 (12 volt RH HVAC); 89172460 (12 Volt LH A/C Only); 89172830 (24 Volt RH A/C Only); 89172840 (12 Volt LH HVAC); 89172850 (12 Volt RH HVAC); 89172860 (12 Volt LH A/C Only)
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