Directional Drilling Vehicle Solutions

Avoid downtime due to frozen equipment and materials

Directional Drilling trucks are used to carry water to mix “slip” which lubricates the drill bit. To keep water in the tank, the pumping equipment and water supply must be kept from freezing at all times. The operators would otherwise need to dump the water every day and fill up the tank every day. That loss of productivity has great value and therefore they need a reliable solution.
The Simplicity Air Solution:
This vehicle is equipped with a Proheat X30 Fuel Fired heater, a 40,000 BTU heat exchanger to keep the back warm, additional batteries, an inverter, shore power connection with battery charger, and the GRIP Idle Management System to monitor the temp both in the cab and the Rear compartment of the vehicle.
The benefits are:
  • Rear Cargo Heating

  • Engine Heating

  • Cab heating

  • Battery Monitoring

  • Shore Power charging and inverter to operate hand tools

Proheat X30 Diesel Coolant Heater

Proheat M-Series is an ultra-powerful, cold weather auxiliary heating solution for Military applications. This diesel-powered heater preheats the engine to ensure quick and reliable starts while reducing engine wear. Proheat M-Series heaters are also powerful enough to supply supplemental interior heat for passenger and driver comfort while the main engine is running. The heater is designed to be accessible and easily serviced by technicians to help minimize down time. Optional CAN Bus connectivity means the heater can be seamlessly installed on vehicles that rely on the J1939 network standard.

Single Speed Heater Assembly (89211120)

- Dual blower assembly
- Versatile mounting options
- 4-speed unit available (89211120-4)

Heating Capacity: 44,000 BTUH (12.9 kW)
Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
Air Flow: 613 CFM (17.4 CMM)
Current Draw: 12.5 Amps

Product Dimensions:
Width: 17.75 in (450.85 mm)
Height: 6.63 in (168.40 mm)
Depth: 10.06 in (255.06 mm)

Download the 89211120 Product Information PDF

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