Coldstart Solutions: Engine Heaters

Enhancing your cold weather engine starts with the right solution for your vehicle application!

Understanding the Challenge

Starting engines in cold weather can be challenging, causing strain, decreased efficiency, and increased wear and tear. Engine heaters offer a solution to combat these issues and ensure smooth starts in fleet operations. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and features of engine heaters, highlighting their importance for optimizing performance in extremely cold temperatures within fleet maintenance.
In freezing temperatures, engine oil thickens, making starts difficult and straining components. Cold air intake can result in incomplete fuel combustion, leading to higher emissions and reduced efficiency. Reliable cold starts are essential for fleet managers to maintain efficiency.

Introducing Engine Heaters

Engine heaters pre-heat the engine's coolant, ensuring optimal temperature before starting. The heated coolant warms the oil, promoting lubrication and reducing oil viscosity. This minimizes wear and tear and enhances performance. Engine heaters also warm the air intake, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Benefits of Engine Heaters

  1. Reduced Wear and Tear: Engine heaters minimize wear and tear on components, lowering maintenance costs and increasing vehicle longevity.

  2. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Pre-heating the engine enhances fuel combustion, reducing fuel expenses and environmental footprint.

  3. Extended Battery Life: Engine heaters reduce strain on batteries, improving their health and ensuring reliable performance.

  4. Quick and Reliable: Engine heaters provide quick pre-heating, allowing for consistent and reliable starts in extremely cold temperatures.

  5. Versatility: Engine heaters are suitable for various applications, offering a scalable solution for managing cold-start challenges within fleets.

Engine heaters efficiently address cold starts, reducing wear and tear, improving fuel efficiency, and extending the lifespan of engine components. Investing in engine heaters enhances fleet performance in cold weather. Equip your fleet with reliable engine heaters to optimize operation throughout the year.
Hydronic D5SC

Eberspächer Hydronic D5SC Coolant Heater

Eberspächer Climate Control System’s Hydronic D5 coolant heater series offers affordable preheating of the engine, fuel, and hydraulic systems as well as supplemental cab heating without idling the vehicle. Units function like hot water furnaces, utilizing the vehicle’s own fuel and power supply to produce heat.

Proheat X30 Diesel Coolant Heater

Proheat M-Series is an ultra-powerful, cold weather auxiliary heating solution for Military applications. This diesel-powered heater preheats the engine to ensure quick and reliable starts while reducing engine wear. Proheat M-Series heaters are also powerful enough to supply supplemental interior heat for passenger and driver comfort while the main engine is running. The heater is designed to be accessible and easily serviced by technicians to help minimize down time. Optional CAN Bus connectivity means the heater can be seamlessly installed on vehicles that rely on the J1939 network standard.

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