Simplicity Air Develops COVID-19 Solution for Fleets & Commercial Vehicle Sanitization

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - During these uncertain times, getting back to work means emphasizing safety and cleanliness in the workplace however what about those whose workplace is in a vehicle that is shared by others?  Vehicles are difficult to clean and sterilize which means plenty of downtime to clean and disinfect and not to include the challenges faced with harmful chemicals being used on surfaces that cannot endure its extensive use and what are the impacts of those cleaners for the operators of those vehicles. Simplicity Air has developed a new technology to help fleet and commercial vehicles do just that. 

Simplicity Air is proud to introduce Steril-Therm. This innovative technology helps to fight the spread of COVID-19 through deep, contactless sterilization by use of extreme heat that kills 99.9% of Covid -19 Virus. This patent pending technology minimizes the risk of contact with COVID-19 for fleet and commercial drivers, operators and other staff members. The system easily connects to the window of the vehicle  using a specially designed duct system. Once the duct is connected to the Steril Therm machine, it heats the passenger compartment of the vehicle to a temperature high enough, and maintains that temperature for a period of time to kill all germs and bacteria while protecting any material items left in the cab. 

What makes Steril-Therm different from traditional cleaning processes using bleach or other disinfectants is the contactless approach. Moreover, bleach can ruin the vehicle's fabric and leather materials, which makes it more challenging to effectively sanitize the entire cab. Cleansers also don't help with those hard-to-reach areas, where germs may continue to linger even after a deep sanitization. 

Steril-Therm is faster, more effective and does not harm any of the interior fabric or material. It does not require special staff to clean vehicles nor does it put existing staff members at risk unnecessarily. Moreover, this is a process that be used repeatedly, making vehicle sanitization more efficient and accessible. This is especially important for companies with multiple vehicles in their fleet.

Simplicity Air has been in business for more than 22 years and is committed to developing solutions to complex vehicle operation and environmental challenges.

This is not the first time that Simplicity Air has provided innovative new products to reinforce eco-friendly practices in the industry. The company is also responsible for the GRIP Idle Management System, which reduces vehicle idling and emissions as well as a new state of the art air conditioning system to operate off of battery power instead of running off of the engine.

Simplicity Air has also developed additional technology that has innovated on climate control solutions for commercial and municipal vehicles. The company has a track record of providing options that reinforce quality product standards with a climate-friendly twist. This has helped the company to stand out as a leader in the industry and has contributed to its award-winning efforts towards creativity and future-forward thinking in this arena. 

"Our ability for innovation has resulted in a safe and simple way for commercial fleets and public services to provide safer, simpler, and more cost-effective vehicle sanitization to help slow the spread of COVID-19," 

Simplicity Air President Brian Bassindale

Simplicity Air is offering this new technology to industries of all types, emphasizing those that will benefit most from sanitization efforts. This includes first-responder vehicles (police cars and ambulances), animal control units, farming/agriculture transport vehicles, trucking operators, port and container terminal operators and more. The Steril-Therm technology can also benefit those that work in public utilities, construction and other industries that must still interact with others during this pandemic. 

For more information on Steril-Therm, call Simplicity Air at (888) 962-2299 or visit their website at today.