OEM-Optimized Solutions

OEM-Optimized Heaters for Unmatched Performance in Vacuum and Hydrovac Trucks

As leading experts in auxiliary and cab heating solutions, we possess an experienced understanding of the unique challenges faced by companies involved in manufacturing and servicing specialized vehicles.
Year-Round Reliability in Challenging Environments
Our OEM-Optimized heater assemblies are tools and solutions for year-round reliability in challenging environments. As leading experts in auxiliary and cab heating solutions, we understand the unique challenges faced by companies manufacturing specialized vehicles. The Blaze Series 20k Heater Assembly, along with the Single Speed Heater Assembly, ensures your Vacuum and Hydrovac Trucks stay operational in harsh, cold terrains. Explore a world where simplicity and serviceability converge, discover how our products can transform your business, and help you stay ahead of the competition in industries where operational efficiency is paramount.
Enhanced Efficiency with the Blaze Series 20k Heater Assembly
Elevate the performance of your OEM-manufactured Vacuum and Hydrovac Trucks with our OEM-Optimized Blaze Series 20k Heater Assembly (89211130). This heater assembly offers unmatched efficiency. With a heating capacity of 20,000 BTUH (5.86 kW) and a 3-speed blower, it not only ensures rapid and precise heating for cold terrains but also minimizes downtime, contributing to the longevity of your fleet. The optional ¾“ hose fittings and multi-directional hose routing provide versatility, while the powder coat enclosure guarantees durability. Step into a world where simplicity and serviceability converge to redefine the future of your fleet, ensuring operational efficiency that keeps you ahead of the competition.
Precision and Control in Hydrovac Operations
In the specialized realm of Hydrovac Trucks, precision and control are non-negotiable. Our OEM-Optimized Blaze Series and Single Speed Heater Assemblies, designed by leading experts in auxiliary and cab heating solutions, are equipped with features like multi-directional hose routing and dual blower assemblies. This ensures unparalleled control during hydro excavation, contributing to the seamless operation of your fleet. The accurate and efficient pressurized water stream from these assemblies and an understanding of extreme work environments guarantee precise excavation. Step into a world where simplicity and serviceability converge, providing your Hydrovac Trucks with precision essential for avoiding damage to surrounding areas and sensitive underground facilities.
Versatility and Power within a Single Speed Heater Assembly (89211120)
For OEM companies prioritizing versatility and power in their Vacuum and Hydrovac Trucks, our OEM-Optimized Single Speed Heater Assembly (89211120) is the ultimate solution. Engineered with an experienced understanding of specialized vehicle challenges, this product seamlessly integrates comfort and reliability into your fleet. With a robust heating capacity of 44,000 BTUH (12.9 kW) and a dual blower assembly, it meets the demands of diverse excavation tasks in industries such as mining and construction. The versatile mounting options and the availability of a 4-speed unit (89211120-4) cater to your operational requirements, ensuring your vehicles can efficiently tackle different excavation challenges.
89211130 Blaze Series Heater

Blaze Series 20k Heater Assembly (89211130)

- Standard “ Hose Fittings
- Optional ¾“ Hose Fittings
- Multi-Directional Hose Routing
- 3-Speed Blower
- Powder Coat Enclosure
- Floor or Face Mount

Heating Capacity: 20,000 BTUH (5.86 kW)
Weight: 7.68 lbs (3.48 kg)
Air Flow: 576.57 CFM (16.3 CMM)
Current Draw: 4.07 Amp Draw @ 13.5 VDC

Product Dimensions:
Width: 11.74 in (298.2 mm)
Height: 6.62 in (168.3 mm)
Depth: 7.95 in (202 mm)

Download the 89211130 Product Information PDF

Single Speed Heater Assembly (89211120)

- Dual blower assembly
- Versatile mounting options
- 4-speed unit available (89211120-4)

Heating Capacity: 44,000 BTUH (12.9 kW)
Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
Air Flow: 613 CFM (17.4 CMM)
Current Draw: 12.5 Amps

Product Dimensions:
Width: 17.75 in (450.85 mm)
Height: 6.63 in (168.40 mm)
Depth: 10.06 in (255.06 mm)

Download the 89211120 Product Information PDF

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