Ontario, Canada

Mobile Office Heating for Underground Tunnelling and Ground Consolidation

Mobile offices used for tunnelling and ground consolidation.
Vehicle Types:
Mercedes Sprinter
The problem we needed to solve

How to achieve a safe & comfortable work environment for mobile office units

The Customer came to us looking for a climate solution for their mobile office units, to ensure that operators would be kept at a safe, secure, and comfortable temperature at all times - allowing them to stay on the job longer and maintain desired temperature levels without running the vehicle's engine.
How we solved it

Configurable & power-secured climate control for mobile offices

As a response to The Client's need, we developed a unique solution that allow the operator to manage, configure, and maintain their desired climate level in the mobile workspace, without the need to move to the cab of the vehicle. Everything is controllable by an easy-to-use digital controller, and is supported by a powerful 30A transfer switch.

Project Technologies

To achieve such a robust and versatile solution for The Client, we engineered and implemented a solution using the following technologies.

In need of a unique solution for your fleet or application?

With over 22 years of mobile climate control experience, we've worked with nearly any application, use case, any equipment, and pride ourselves on our ability to create unique and simple solutions for complex vehicle and operational problems.
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