Ontario, Canada

Idle Management Solutions for Municipal Forestry Services

Boom truck with chip container/dump that's used as a primary onsite operational vehicle to address tree trimming, fallen branches, and tree removal.
Vehicle Types:
2020 Altec Freightliner M2's
The problem we needed to solve

How to improve the health & safety of forestry crews while simultaneously reducing emissions and costs

The Client was seeking a solution to provide Heat and AC for the crew when on site. The Cab of the vehicle was deemed the first line of defence when dealing with summer heat and winter cold. The Client wanted to ensure the Health and Safety of the crew was paramount while in the operational theatre. In addition, the Client was also interested in reducing emissions and CO2 levels in addressing Green House Gases as City Counsel has set specific reduction targets. The ability to report on savings was also essential to provide Senior Staff with supporting data.
How we solved it

A versatile and Programmable Engine-off climate control solution managed by the GRIP Idle Management System

After several meetings and providing the Forestry Dept Manager with information as to how GRIP works, requested to provided GRIP's recommendation re GRIP configuration that would address H&S re HVAC of front line staff, emission reduction and cost savings. Having the ability to report to Counsel was also important where GRIP's Fleet Dashboard was seen as an essential component to provide the client the ability to complete their own analysis of the data. During the discussions, training of the end user or operator was also highlighted as was future enhancements to GRIP current technology.

Project Technologies

To achieve such a robust and versatile solution for The Client, we engineered and implemented a solution using the following technologies.

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