For businesses that need to use climate-controlled transportation, managing the fleet can be very tricky. Any vehicle that experiences downtime can affect delivery times, production efficiency, and service quality. When a fleet vehicle is out of service, it isn’t earning back its investment cost. For this reason, it is essential to keep your fleet running at full capacity as much as possible.

One of the most challenging aspects of managing fleets of vehicles is coordinating repairs and preventive maintenance work. On the one hand, you want to maximise your productivity by keeping every member of your fleet in service. On the other, you need to take them out of the rotation to give them a thorough inspection and tune-up or replace mechanical parts to prevent breakdowns that would cause long delays.

When it comes to fleet maintenance, technology has come a long way in terms of coordinating this complicated dance. Some HVAC service providers can provide sophisticated software that can manage, track, collect, and report data regarding your vehicles so you can make business decisions with information readily available and easily accessible. Here are more ways technology can help you improve your fleet management and maintenance:

  1. Harmonise maintenance schedules

If you have twenty, thirty, or possibly more mobile units that are ploughing your routes every day, creating a maintenance schedule that won’t affect productivity can be tough. Utilise software to visualise your plan and find the most efficient time for each vehicle to be taken in for servicing. You can even see automobiles in reserve that can be deployed to pick up the slack.

  1. Make and collect service reports and repair requests

For every vehicle you own, you have as many drivers. Each one must report and make service requests. The paperwork involved in processing so many requests can be overwhelming and can take time to review, log, and act on. With fleet maintenance software, you can digitise vehicle-related reports and collect them in a central database for easy reference.

  1. Improve fleet efficiency

When you are running a business, you should always be looking for ways to operate more efficiently. You can integrate all the data about all your equipment into a single comprehensive database so you can track trip routes, fuel usage, and even equipment status. Having this data ready can help you find ways to get more from a macro perspective such as consolidating deliveries, opening new trade routes, or establishing a service hub in a new area.

  1. Monitor expenses

Tracking your assets is crucial to making sure your investments are safe and productive. Some software is sophisticated enough to provide real-time fuel usage. Other things that are possible using technology includes tracking unique expenses and viewing trends to see which repairs are most common and what drivers and operators can do to avoid them.

Fleet vehicles are expensive to acquire for any business. They also demand a lot of maintenance, and repairs can be very costly. Leveraging technology can streamline a lot of the work so you can keep every vehicle in service and operate at efficient levels and get a maximum return on your investment.

Do you need mobile HVAC fleet maintenance services in Ontario? We offer preventative maintenance, equipment servicing, and custom manufacturing. We are a one-stop-shop for quality mobile climate control parts, installs, and servicing. Call us today to find out more!

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