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Walrus 5000C Coolant Heater


Microprocessor-controlled compact fuel-fired coolant heater designed to facilitate easy start of diesel engines in cold season and preheat interior of the vehicle. This unit can also be employed in other applications where liquid is used as a heat-carrying medium. This kit contains all necessary hardware for typical installation of the unit.

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Features & Specifications

Heat Output
8,189 - 17,061 BTU's
Fuel Type
Diesel & Gasoline
Diesel Fuel Consumption
0.27 L/hr - 0.62 L/hr
Controller Type
12V & 24V
Electric Power Consumption @12VDC
2.17 Amps (26 Watts) - 4.42 Amps (53 Watts)
Electric Power Consumption @24VDC
1.08 Amps (26 Watts) - 2.21 Amps (53 Watts)
Operating Modes
Automatic Timer On / Off wth Programmable Run Time
8.78" x 3.39" x 5.98"
5.73 lbs (2.6 kg)
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