Whether it’s to heat your car for a cozy drive during the colder months or keep you cool when the summer solstice hits, your car’s HVAC unit plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable journey on the road. However, many drivers easily overlook the importance of keeping your AC clean and full-functional.

Your car’s AC unit may not be critical in getting you from point A to B, but it can affect other factors. Riding in a car that circulates dirty air - be it due to a build-up of dust, pollen, fur, and other small debris - can bog down your experience and car’s performance in more ways than one.

 Not only does it mean dust bunnies can escape your car’s AC, but it can make your car more vulnerable to wear-and-tear.

What’s the Importance of Cleaning Your Car’s AC?

Nobody likes to stay inside a compact and filthy space, but beyond shaking down your comfort, a dirty filter can compromise your car’s performance. This is because the debris can force your car’s AC unit to work harder, which can put unnecessary pressure on your engine.

The extra effort it puts can eat up plenty of energy, lowering your car’s fuel efficiency as it dedicates a significant portion to churning more fuel while creating less cold air, which can be expensively wasteful.

Deep Cleaning Your AC Unit Periodically or Annually

Seeing as how the AC unit can impact both your comfort as a driver and your car’s fuel usage, it’s important to understand the best times to give your AC unit a much-needed clean-up. When it comes to AC maintenance, you can implement two schools of thought.

For one, it also helps you have a professional deep clean your car’s AC system annually to effectively remove every deep-seated grime in between the nooks and crannies of your unit. On the other hand, cleaning the internal components of your AC every few months can help keep dust particles at bay.

Cleaning the filter or spraying the unit’s condenser every few months, for instance, can do wonders in bringing your car’s performance and functionality up to speed.

The Bottom Line: Keep Your Drive Smooth and Clean By Keeping Dust Bunnies Out of Your Car’s AC

Driving with dust bunnies spilling out of your car’s air conditioner can create an uncomfortable journey. From triggering allergic reactions, adding unnecessary strain to the engine,  to lowering the overall experience on the road, keeping your car fresh and clean is crucial for you and your car’s efficiency.

You don’t need to get your hands dirty once you notice your car’s AC needs a much-needed TLC. Here at Simplicity Air, we offer mobile climate control solutions in Ancaster, Ontario that can improve your HVAC units for both on and off-road vehicles. Get in touch with us today to see how we can keep your air clean and freshen your driving experience.

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