Ontario, Canada

Eliminating Unnecessary Downtime in Directional Drilling Applications

Directional drilling units that carry water drums to underground drilling sites.
Vehicle Types:
2021 International HV607's
The problem we needed to solve

How to reduce downtime and increase productivity of directional drilling units

The Customer came to us looking for a solution to reduce operational downtime in their directional drilling applications. These vehicles, used for telecom, utilities, and other underground drilling projects, require large bins of water to be stored in the vehicle’s rear facility. To work effectively, the water in these bins must remain at a specific temperature. The problem that The Customer was experiencing was that without automated climate management for the rear facility, the water would freeze. This forced the operators to empty the bins and refill them before heading to the job site. This loss of productivity incurred a whopping cost of ~$19,000 for every hour this vehicle was late to the job site.
How we solved it

A smart, autonomous pre-heating monitoring & management solution

As a response to The Client's need, we developed a unique solution that allowed for the GRIP Idle Management System to autonomously monitor the vehicle and rear-facility's temperature and trigger a heat source from the diesel-fired heater when the temperature levels neared a predetermined threshold. This also created a more sustainable solution for The Client to reduce their emissions and extend the life of their vehicle and equipment components.

Project Technologies

To achieve such a robust and versatile solution for The Client, we engineered and implemented a solution using the following technologies.

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