Ontario, Canada

Climate Control Solution Reduces Fuel Consumption in Animal Control Units

Animal control units that pick up and rescue stray animals.
Vehicle Types:
Ford F-150's
Chevrolet Silverado 1500
The problem we needed to solve

How to reduce trips to base while maintaining the animal's health & safety

Due to the nature of the application, when an animal was picked up it had to be brought back to the base immediately so that it didn't overheat or get too cold. The Customer came to us looking for a solution to reduce their trips to the base while maintaining the health and safety of the animals.
How we solved it

A smart, autonomous Rear-facility climate controlled environment for animals

As a response to The Client's unique needs, we developed a simple solution that allowed for the GRIP Idle Management System to autonomously monitor the rear-facility's temperature and trigger an auxiliary heating or cooling source when the temperature levels neared a predetermined threshold. This also created a more viable and sustainable fuel consumption solution for The Client to reduce their emissions, substantially reduce their fuel consumption, and extend the life of their vehicle and equipment components by reducing the idle load on the vehicle.

Project Technologies

To achieve such a robust and versatile solution for The Client, we engineered and implemented a solution using the following technologies.

In need of a unique solution for your fleet or application?

With over 22 years of mobile climate control experience, we've worked with nearly any application, use case, any equipment, and pride ourselves on our ability to create unique and simple solutions for complex vehicle and operational problems.
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