4 Benefits of HVAC Mobile Fleet Servicing

As the winter starts to settle in and the temperatures are continuously dropping in Canada, those who didn’t do a sufficient check on their vehicles are scrambling to get things done. Cars, trucks, and any other vehicle drives different during the winter months, and the areas of Ottawa and Niagara often have harsh conditions for driving. While the roads are already a chore to navigate, having a damaged HVAC system during the winter will always be the worst experience. 

While many people can stay safe from long trips during the winter months, truckers are always at higher risk during these months. Long haul vehicles are often put to the test on regular days, and when the freezing temperatures take a toll on them, these can be dangerous for lengthier trips. Trucking companies will likely require fleet maintenance services to inspect heavy vehicles and provide them with heavy-duty HVAC parts and other safety equipment. 

Why Fleet Management Services Are a Must

Driver comfort plays a vital role in safety while taking long-distance trips. The winter is no time for them to stop, as the requirement to ship items and make deliveries is even more in need due to the holiday season. The hardest part about cold weather is how much concentration it takes away from a person. Blizzards and other snowstorms can be harsh on the human body, so driving lengthy routes each week with a broken HVAC system can cause accidents. 

Here is why heavy equipment HVAC services are a must to keep fleet vehicles at their top-condition:

1. They Can Conduct Better Inspections

Using various technologies and monitoring tools, any damages to the truck’s internals can be visible. Mobile fleet technician services can be called in to do a comprehensive examination of your entire lineup of trucks. Vehicle inspection forms that are physical checklists are often not the most reliable, and drivers typically rush through them due to the hassle of manual work. 

Companies that have technologies available to do mobile fleet servicing are meant to do just that, therefore giving drivers more rest and the ability to do their jobs. 

2. They Coordinate Their Maintenance Schedules 

Hiring a mobile fleet servicing company to coordinate maintenance will ensure that even during the busiest times, your trucks will be running and rolling seamlessly. You can also let them take the reins of inspections, which can be beneficial compared to rushing to have it done before winter. 

3. They Uniformly Track All Data Uniformly

Without needing to continuously input data and learn the ins and outs of vehicle inspection, fleet maintenance services can log all essential items in a single document. They likely have years of experience with various trucking fleets, which has developed the ability to craft efficient sheets to monitor data. When everything looks clean and easy to read, there is less confusion and can be stored easily. 

4. They Monitor Expenses and Calculations

One thing that can be damaging to a trucking company is when finances are involved. Trucks are a considerable investment to make, and when anything goes wrong, you will want business records on expenditures and other financial aspects of operations. Monitoring a fleet’s HVAC situation, internal parts, and other replaced components will be good for records and, eventually, taxation periods each year. Keeping everything under record and in safekeeping is a must for all businesses to continue operations. 


Running a truck fleet is no easy task. There are plenty of logistical aspects involved, and it can often be a nightmare when it comes to specific seasons in Canada. To stay on top of the game when it comes to fleet maintenance services, outsourcing processes of inspection to proper companies specializing in HVAC and similar processes is key. 

Simplicity Air is a leading provider of heavy-duty HVAC parts in Canada and offers premium mobile fleet servicing processes to ensure a smooth transition of vehicles during each season. Ensuring your trucks and other heavy vehicles are in top shape will save your company tons of money and make travels safer overall. Contact us to know more about how we can help you.