The Patriot II is currently being redesigned and engineered by Canadian Extreme Climate Systems Ltd.
Currently featured on these pages is the Patriot I. Functionality for the Patriot II will remain the same as listed below.


  • Stainless Steel enclosure reduces corrosion and improves the appearance of the vehicle.
  • Easy access to filters from front cover and bottom air cleaner cover.
  • Draws cool outside air for engine combustion through a high performance filter with safety filter inside to protect your investment to the highest standards.
  • Draws air in away from air stream of truck to keep engine compartment much cleaner. Requires only enough room beside the unit to allow access to cover bolts.
  • Engine shut down protection for overheat and low oil pressure.
  • Entire inside of the covers insulated with special material designed to reduce the noise extremely.
  • Temperature controlled engine cooling fan exchanges air in APU only when required to reduce noise, power consumption and increases heat quickly for optimum efficiency of engine.
  • Provides more heat quicker than any other system on the market.
  • Multi chamber exhaust specially designed to reduce noise.
  • Automatic reset breakers for 110vac built into unit – no getting out to reset.
  • Newage double bearing generator with replaceable components.
  • Seltec TM16 compressor for improved volumetric efficiency for air conditioning.

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Width18” w/o rad
28” with rad


BTUs26,000 BTU heating

20,000 BTU cooling
WeightAPU without radiator 452 lbs
APU with radiator 487 lbs
Condenser assembly 16 lbs
HVAC Unit 27 lbs
Alternator55 amp 12VDC
EngineYanmar 2TNV70
OptionsRemote Start
DC Controlled Outlet Box
Programmable Timer
Models8901000A - 12 Volt Truck APU system complete without radiator package
8901000B - 12 Volt 6KW generator only with radiator
8901000D - 12 Volt Truck APU system complete with radiator package
8901000E - Truck Generator APU 6KW with On/Off switch and hour meter
8901000F - Truck Generator system complete with Radiator pack right side mounted

All Models avaiable in 304 Brushed Finish Stainless add suffix “SF”
All Models avaiable in 304 Mirror Finish Stainless add suffix “MF”


Operator Control

  • Backlit display when blower is on digital hourmeter
  • Three speed blower switch
  • Feather control for heat
  • Simple On/Off switch for engine run
  • Heavy plastic operator control box
  • Simple controls for the operator with full control on A/C and Heat to optimize comfort

Power Control Center

  • Simple easy to access electrical center for all fuses and relays

Condenser Assembly

  • Powerful condenser fan

  • Multiflow condenser for enhanced performance (used on models without rad package)


  • R134A refrigerant

  • 275 CFM blower

  • Amazing 20,000 BTU cooling and 26,000 BTU heating

  • Variable flow heater control valve

  • Washable air filter

  • Compact in size – 8.25(H)x12.88(W)x17.125(D)

  • 2 – 3” outlets for ducting

Belt Drives

  • “Torsion tensioned” compressor and generator belt reduces vibration and extends belt life.

Exhaust System

  • Insulated exhaust to reduce heat build up around the engine to maintain a small package and still have proper cooling of engine.

Radiator/Condenser Package

  • Optional radiator package allows space considerations and independence from the truck cooling system.

  • It can be installed on the right or left side of the APU or independent.

Service Access

  • Dip stick, primary and secondary fuel filter, oil filter and oil filler are all accessible when front cover is removed.