Mobile Service

Our Features Include:

  • $25,000 worth of inventory at all times, computer tracked for replenishment daily
  • Oxy-acetylene torches for specialty welding
  • Diesel driven air compressor for cleaning radiators and coils
  • 110 Volt power for running electrical loads
  • Heated rear work space to speed up repairs
  • Hose crimping equipment for A/C hoses
  • Laptop with multiple programs for troubleshooting
  • Multiple DeWalt drills, grinders, saws and other tools
  • Nitrogen testing equipment
  • Refrigerant identifier for testing impurities
  • All WHMIS for all products carried on board
  • Satellite tracking system
  • Refrigerant recovery equipment and storage containers
  • Mechanics tools

Our Technicians Have:

  • Simplicity Air Ltd. Air Conditioning Training
  • Ozone Depletion Prevention Certificate
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certificate
  • Espar Heater Training Certificate